About Me

Hi, y’all! My name is Raymond Partolan. I have lived in the State of Georgia in the Southeastern United States for the last 25+ years. I am proudly Filipino American. I have been on the fence (no pun intended!) about publishing my thoughts in a public setting for the last few years. Since being public about my immigration status, I’ve garnered quite the following on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram–some supporters and, of course, some naysayers.

What drove me to finally enter the blogosphere and to publicly document some of my thoughts and to share some of these stories was President-Elect Donald Trump’s election on November 8, 2016. After his election, I received dozens of messages and phone calls from people asking me, “What’s next?” and “What will happen to our communities?” I certainly don’t have all the answers to these questions. A lot is up in the air. I want to take this opportunity for you all to get to know me a little bit. Here, I share with you my personal story of coming to the United States and the struggle of having to live here as an undocumented immigrant.

DISCLAIMER: My story is unique as it is my own, but I don’t speak for the whole 11 million. Everyone has their own story. If, after reading my story, you have any further questions or just want to begin a conversation with me about anything at all, visit my Contact page to get in touch!

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